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This biography focuses on the Islamic viewpoints of Āḥmad al-Ṭayyib; how he argues from an Islamic perspective and does not attempt to see the world through the eyes of non-Muslims. He strives to represent Islam in the best possible light, talking about it in a very positive way and accordingly...
Subḥī Mijāhid reports on the Azhar University’s reaction toward the recent study that accuses Rose al-Yūsuf of Takfīr.
Rose al-Yūsuf has a bright history of clean and objective journalism. Deeming Rose al-Yūsuf Kāfir is a real tragedy and silence is not the answer.
Upon Rose al-Yūsuf’s comment in its issue number 4101, Dr. Ahmad Durrah, consultant of the Azhar University’s chancellor, responds in a letter clarifying the university’s procedures concerning the Takfīr thesis.
A student of higher studies at the Usūl al-Dīn [Fundamentals of Religion] Faculty, al-Minūfīyah branch of the Azhar University, wrote a PhD thesis deeming that the Rose al-Yūsuf periodical and founder were Kāfir. In week 50, AWR presented a series of reactions published in Rose al- Yūsuf. The...
Continuation of the discussion about a takfīr PhD thesis of an Azhar scholar against Rose al-Yūsuf. Recommendation of an interesting comment on the discussions on freedom of expression. A comment that addresses the often heard religious belief that interpretations of religious texts cannot and...
Rajab al-Murshidī from Rose al- Yūsuf meets three members of the panel of evaluation of the Azhar Takfīr thesis who declare that there were many transgressions and errors in the thesis, and reveal that the panel will not accept the thesis unless its author makes certain revisions.
In an interview, Egyptian writer Muhsin Muhammad defends Rose al-Yūsuf against the Takfīr thesis that he considers to be null and void. Muhammad denounces the lack of liberty in Egyptian reality and foretells the coming of liberalism against the religious current.
Ibrāhīm Sa‘dah denounces the Takfīr of Rose al- Yūsuf, and highlights what he calls some “unjust” issues in the thesis of the Azhar researcher, calling on Azhar scholars and parliament members to take a positive role in defending intellectuals and education from unjust Takfīr.
Zaynab Muntasir expresses her shock over the Takfīr Azhar thesis, and asserts the historical and intellectual importance of Rose al- Yūsuf, warning Arab intellectuals of the danger of ideological terrorism.


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