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 Some Coptic thinkers protest against the church's refusal to comment on the hearsay that affirms the conversion of Kamilia to Islam.  
In a controversial study presented by the dean of the Institute of Theological Studies at the University of Indiana in the U.S, Dr. George Ḥabīb Bibāwī accuses Pope Shenouda III of contradicting inherited Orthodox beliefs and denying fundamentals of Christianity. The study has resulted in a...
The author of the article accuses a bishop of hurling offenses at him during a lecture he gave at a clerical college institute in response to accusations of over 200 heresies he allegedly committed.
The article explains that apocryphal books are fabricated and contradict with authentic Christian beliefs.
The article highlights the criticism directed to Pope Shenouda upon what he wrote in his last book.
Comment on lack of tolerance for differences in views, often related to religious principles and displayed in various media. Two Cairo lectures by William Dalrymple show a strong Christian population decline in the Arab World.
A review of a book by author Andreas Baumann, showing that being an advocate of Christian missionary work also can result in a critical self-reflection.
Pope Shenouda defends his decision to give instructions that no one should pray over the body of the deceased priest Ibrahim Abd al-Sayed.
Dr. George Habib [Bebawi] wrote an article in El-Arabi newspaper entitled "A retrospective reading of history", in its issue No. 467 on 19/9/1999. I was not surprised by his attack on the Church and its leaderships because this is what he always did. Rather, I was surprised by the mistakes on what...
Like the Islamic group called "Al-Taqfir wa Al-Hijra" who committed a series of assassinations against who opposed them in their ideas or opinions, the author says that there is a group of Copts who are also trying to trying to declare as apostate some Christian thinkers because they oppose them...


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