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 The Bahā’ī faith entered Egypt in 1864. A governmental decree was issued in 1960 to dissolve all Bahā’ī gatherings in Egypt. There is no precise enumeration of Baha’is in Egypt.  The city of Acre, Akko, or ʿAkkā in Arabic, is the holiest city for the Bahā’ī faith, and is occupied by Israel.
Zakariyyā 'Abd al-'Azīz, first general attorney at the Cairo appellate instance, decided to postpone the trial of dancer Samā al-Masrī until she had sent her lawyer. A lawsuit has  been filed against her accusing her of disrupting public order with video clips during the era of Mursī which was...
For the second time, the Islamic dā`iyah, `Abdallah Rushdī, reiterated his position on the Christian faith, in which he coined its followers as "unbelievers". A sharp argument broke out yesterday between him and the Islamic thinker Aḥmad `Abduh Māhir following the latter’s debate with Walīd Ismā`īl...
Al-Amr bil-Maarouf wal-Nahy an al-Munkar (AMNM), literally Commanding Virtue and Banning Vice, is the vice police Egyptians used to hear of in the more conservative Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia. Dressed in Islamic garb, its members roam the streets to check passers-by are adhering to the...
This article from the Huffington Post draws attention to Christians living in Muslim countries and states that American Christians are not doing enough to help their religious brethren.
Father ‘Abd al-Masīh Basīt, Priest of the Virgin Mary Church in Musturud, comments on the case against him by Dr. Yūsuf Zaydān, the author of ‘‘Azāzīl’ novel.
Dr. Denis MacEoin believes that the British government must stop extremist tendencies from developing in Muslim schools in the U.K
The Egyptian culture minister has called for accepting all religions; not just the three Abrahamic ones. The statement is a controversial one has divided opinions amongst religious scholars in Egypt.
The following article presents the second in a series discussing the “talibanization” of education in Egypt.
Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm tells how Western interest in Egypt has shifted to social and religious issues.


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