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Last May [1998], students in an American University in Cairo (AUC) course on Muslim politics complained about Maxime Rodinson’s biography "Muhammad". In less than 24 hours after a columnist decried its teaching as blasphemous, Ministry of Higher Education Minister Mufeed Shehab ordered the...
Following the Rodinson case, the office of the censor vastly increased its review of AUC books, both in the library and in the bookstore. With some 300 books checked this year alone, AUC press head, Marc Linz, says it hasn’t been easy.
The December 17 summons of Professor Samia Mehrez by the American University in Cairo (AUC) administration to explain her choice of a book containing "obscene" passages has mushroomed into something far bigger than anyone originally involved expected. This issue follows the controversy over Maxine...
An interview with the Minister of Interior about the security situation; releasing fundamentalist detainees, fighting terrorism, the minister’s refusal to meet with the Muslims Brothers, the branch of the F. B. I. in Cairo, Egypt’s attitude to Britain’s refusal to extradite terrorists.
Authorities have banned the production of a film on the assassination of President Anwar El-Sadat by Islamist militants in 1981.
The struggle between Dr. Sayed Tantawi, the Sheikh of the Azhar, and Dr. Yahya Ismael Habloush, the ex-head of the Azhar Scholars Front, began accusing each other publicly in the newspapers.
The American film " The Advocate’s Alliance with the Devil" caused a lot of disturbance and was the direct reason for the disagreement between Dr. Sayed Tantawi, the Sheikh of the Azhar, and Dr. Yahya Ismael, the ex-head of the Azhar Scholars Front. In order to stop this whole uproar, [Prime...
After a long phase of harassment and annoyance the Sheikh of the Azhar Mohammed Tantawi has decided to take a tougher stand with his opposition.
The paper criticizes a new film which is shown in Cairo’s cinema’s. The paper asks the opinion of several people, including dr. Yehia Ismail who accuses the sheikh al Azhar of not protecting religious values.
Brigadier-General Hamdi El-Batran will probably lose his job because of a novel he published that was based on his experience in the force.
Montasir disagrees with the defense of the French teacher by his friends.
Montasir continues his critique of the French teacher who assigned Rodinson’s book for students at AUC.
Dr. Christian van Nispen criticized the ban of the Minister of Education to teach the book of Maxime Rodinson’s book Muhammad at the American University in Cairo after Salah Montassir criticized it in Al-Ahram of May 13, 1998. Salah Montassir believed the book constituted an attack on Islam but van...
A defense of the teacher who presented the book to the students to criticize it and a stress on the fact that what happened was within the boundaries of legitimate academic research.
Salah Montasir thanks the minister of education for banning the Rodinson’s book and publishes a letter from the minister to himself.
Different scholars and men of religion give their opinions on the issue of teaching Maxim Rodinson.
The Shura Council announced a series of changes in the editorial positions of several newspapers and magazines. The most controversial of this was the appointment of Mohammed Abdel Moniem as board chairman and chief editor of the of the weekly magazine Rose Al-Yousef.


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