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The author questions whether Dr. Abd Al-Sabour plagiarized the ideas of the book entitled "My Father Adam" from another book?
Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi says that the Azhar will study this book. He also said that if the book opposes the teachings of Islam, then it will be confiscated.
According to Dr. Abd Al-Sabour Shahin Adam was not the first created man on earth and paradise was just an earthly garden. The article doesn’t add information to previously translated articles.
What makes one laugh or cry is that Dr. Abd Al-Sabour Shahin who was against Dr. Nasr Abu Zaid until he left the country, is now facing the same fate. Remarkably, however, the popular Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud agrees with the book.
Sheikh Abloush, the former secretary-general of the Azhar Front of Scholars, has been accused of founding a secret party of Muslim Brothers inciting religious strife and defaming the Azhar. Other Azhari’s want him to be removed from this prestigious university.
Dr. Abd Al-Sabour confirms some new facts, which are that Adam was not the first created man on earth and that paradise is just an earthly garden.
The book "My father Adam" of Dr. Abd Al-Sabour Shahin created a great commotion, and the newspaper is presenting a study made by Sheikh Abd Allah Hussan Al-Mawgan to answer what was presented in this book. The sheikh said Shahin was wrong in explaining the Holy Qur’an through his own opinion and...
The author argues against the hisba-courts and the self-appointed guardians of Islam. These guardians live in an age of lies, twisting of facts, dodging, forgery and theft. Yes, they steal, hide, shadow, cheat and lie about God, his Prophet and the believers. He continues to argue that sheikh...
The author of the controversial book " My Father Adam" defends himself. "My aim was to open the door of interpretation (ijtihad) and to oppose the Israeli studies."
During the last ten years, Sheikh Yousef Al- Badri has not had any chance to attack his enemies and appears as the superior religious scholar to the extent that he became, according to many people, a talkative phenomena that does not stop talking. He became unable to distinguish between his...


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