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The writer comments on the return of Nasr Abu Zeid from a seven-year exile in The Netherlands. He provides us with some information concerning the background of Dr. Abu Zeid, and the crisis he faced, resulting in leaving Egypt.
The article is an interview with Dr. Nasr Hamid Abu Zeid. Abu Zeid stresses his love for Egypt and totally rejects to be asked about what he believes in. He is of the opinion that Muslims should differentiate between political and economical concepts in the West and the West as culture and...
Egyptian writer and social activist Nawal Al-Saadawi won the Catalonia International Award for advocating social rights and gender rights in the Arab world.
The author expresses hope that Dr. Nasr Abu Zayd may return to Egypt. She warns Egyptian writers and intellectuals that they may be easily accused of unbelief and atheism like him
Dr. Nawāl al-Sa‘dāwī is a remarkable figure in Egyptian literature, but she seems to spend more time causing controversy than actually writing, incessantly looking for fame.
Dr. Nawāl al-Sa‘Dawī calls for all state’s offices - President; Sheikh of the Azhar; the First lady and Editor-in-Chiefs - to be elective. She asserts that the alleged reform process is not genuine.
Embattled Egyptian women’s rights activist Nawāl al-Sa‘dāwī launched her campaign at the Dutch parliament in The Hague amidst a crowd of journalists and reporters.
Al-Arabi reprinted the text of an article by Dr. Naser Hamid Abu Zeid in the Lebanese magazine “Al-Adab” [literature], under the title “Censorship in Egypt.” It shows that there is a continuous censorship over Egyptian minds, starting with the press and ending with scientific research and artistic...
The decision of the Creed and Philosophy Committee in the Islamic Research Institute which gives the apostate a lifetime chance to recant his apostate ideas has led Egyptian lawyers to call for reopening the case of Dr. Nasr Hamid Abu Zeid, who was accused of apostasy in 1995.
[AWR: This is a full text translation of a Dutch text with permission of the author.] Sociology professor Saad Eddin Ibrahim: “You can beat Saddam Hussein, no doubt. But what you cannot do is prevent a new Saddam Hussein from appearing, a new Bin Laden. As long as there is no democracy, no state...


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