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Majdī Khalīl criticizes Muslim extremists who he believes are leading the Arab and Muslim world to backwardness and preventing them from keeping up with modernization.
Rose al-Yousuf esteems the great contributions in Islamic thinking of well-known Egyptian writer and professor of Arabic literature, Dr. Nasr Hāmid Abu Zayd, who recently left Egypt for The Netherlands after a court ordered him to separate from his wife.
Khālid Bura‘ī presents a list of banned books in Egypt.
The conference of "The Right of Expression" witnessed great controversies among intellectuals and men of law concerning the ideas Salah Eissa, the Editor-in-chief of Al-Qahira Magazine, introduced. He introduced ideas pertaining to religious and national constant principles and some other opinions...
Some extremists attacked Sheikh Abdel Hamed Bekhit, teaching at the Faculty of Religious Fundamentals [Usul el-Din], because he issued a fatwa that allows students who have troubles in concentrating on their exams because of the fasting to break their fast. The fatwa was strongly opposed by...
This article gives an overview of the religious events that took place in Egypt since the establishment of Rose Al-Youssef 75 years ago and how Rose Al-Youssef handled those events and tried to guide people to the true religion.
This is the story of the most famous sixteen books which were confiscated throughout this century because of the taboos in our society (on religion, sex, and politics) which stand, like a sword on the neck, in front of everyone who has a certain opinion while the freedom allowed in the Arab world,...
Al Shaab interviewed Prof. Mohammed Abed El Miniem Khafaga, one of the leading old guard of the Azhar University, about the developments at the Azhar in the past decades.
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