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Interview with Dr. Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, Grand Sheikh of the Azhar, about a range of actual subjects in Egypt, including regulating pilgrimage, his opposition to the embargo of Iraq, religious censorship, the new magazine of the Azhar, a fatwa on taking loans, presenting religious personalities...
He has strong faith, is eloquent and he is brave as cavalry. But for certain reasons, he is quarrelsome and a preacher who creates trouble. In most of his quarrels he did not claim that he owns the truth but he assures [the readers] that he is searching for it. In this year, he faced a lot of...
Dr. Hamed Abu Zayd said that the most important issue occupying his mind is the crisis of modern religious thought and the problems of the different interpretations of the Qur`an. There have been several versions of the Qur’an but one was left over and other versions of the Qur`an were burned.
Al-Arabi asked Prof. Dr. Nasr Abu Zeid a number of questions to which Dr. Abu Zeid responded in writing. Dr. Abu Zeid discusses the concept of civilization, the Western view of Islam and further research Dr. Abu Zeid has planned.
The Islamic Research Institute decided that what the author wrote was an effort to understand the Qur’anic text. " The committee does not agree to some of the contents of this effort but the committee does not see that the author has contradicted the basis of Faith or religion.
Islamist sheikh Gamal Qutb condemned Naguib Mahfouz and Nasr Abu Zeid and declared their thoughts contradictory to Islam. He criticized the use of their books in universities. Sheikh Qutb anticipated that Islam will predominate in America and Europe soon.


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