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Kiwan interviews Māhir al-Jawharī, who converted to Christianity from Islam, discussing al-Jawharī’s lawsuit submitted to the Administrative Judiciary Court, as well as a background on the problems he encountered after his conversion.
A CD distributed for free in downtown Cairo shows the process of the conversion of a young terrorist to Christianity.
Article 2 in this issue shows how sensitive conversions from Islam are for Muslims. Former Muslims not always deal well with those sensitivities. Some stories are exaggerated but others are true. These are the type of stories that need the greatest care.
Hānī Labīb comments on the recitals of the ruling of the Administrative Court in the case of the Muslim convert to Christianity Muhammad Hijāzī who demanded the Egyptian Ministry of Interior mention his new religion in his identity card.
The year report of 2001 including an overview of the special reports written for the RNSAW. The year 2001 was marked by a strong increase in the number of special reports, providing readers with information that is not available elsewhere.
The article claims that year more than one million Muslims in Africa convert annually to Christianity and that thus no effort should be spared to step up Muslim missionary activities.


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