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The author reviews the recommendations of the 4th expatriate Copts conference held in the state of New Jersey, which included demands to amend the second article of the constitution asserting that Islam is the State’s official religion, and an official apology for the regime’s crimes against the...
The article deals with the ideologies of a group of Muslims who call themselves "the Qur’ānites" who believe only in the Qur’ān and deny the sunna [the Prophet Muhammad’s tradition] altogether.
Dr. Ahmed Sobhi Mansour said that he had been treated unfairly by many people just because he opposed them in their opinions. He said he did not deny the Sunna, but he asked the scholars of the Azhar to delete the mistakes that were committed when the Sunna was written.
The denier of the Sunna, Ismail Mansour, accused Al-Shafi’i of being a deceitful person. He used to misinterpret the Hadiths. He (Mansour) declared that he rejected the Hadiths. By denying the Sunna, he said that he was following the teachings of the Prophet.
The RNSAW consulted Dr. Abdel Mo’ti Bayoumi, head of the College of Religious Fundamentals (’usul el-Din) about Rashad Khalifa and Ahmed Sobhy Mansour and the attacks on them in al-Ahrar.
A new case is raised by the Ibn Khaldoun Center. It is the case of the legislation of divorce in Islam. Dr. Ahmed Sobhi Mansour stated various opinions of the jurists in divorce.
The author of this article says that there are two reasons for the "stinking smell" of the Ibn Khaldoun Center project of rewriting certain syllabuses for schools. These are: first, the life of the people responsible for this project. Second the ideas of the project itself.
The controversy over the reality of Prophet Mohammed’s intercession on Doomsday has been dramatically aggravated after controversial thinker Dr. Moustafa Mahmoud repeatedly emphasized that there is no such a thing as intercession. His opinion stirred the emotions of Sheikhs and Muslim scholars who...
The author of this article charges that Sobhi Mansour has been denying the ’hadith qudsiyya’ without proof, and lied about the opinions of scholars in certain issues.
Our campaign against Ibn Khaldoun Center concerning its conspiracy against the system of education was exposed on the satellite channels. The "Orbit" satellite channel set a debate between the Islamic thinker, Dr. Abd Al-Azim Al-Mata’ni and Dr. Ahmed Sobhy Mansour, the writer of the new religious...


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