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The RNSAW consulted Dr. Abdel Mo’ti Bayoumi, head of the College of Religious Fundamentals (’usul el-Din) about Rashad Khalifa and Ahmed Sobhy Mansour and the attacks on them in al-Ahrar.
The lying prophet, Rashad Khalifa, continues in stating his lies. He said that the Muslim prophets are only three. They are Ibrahim, Mohammed and Rashad Khalifa, the last prophet sent by God. He also said that all the prophets who preceded him had not received from God a tenth of what he has...
Sobhi Mansour and Rashad Khalifa said in one voice that everyone who says that Mohammed is the prophet of God is an apostate. According to al-Ahrar Sobhi Mansour said that Al-Azhar is the castle of the devil.
In this issue Al-Ahrar presents black pages from the life of the lying prophet and other pages from the life of his repentant representatives Sobhi Mansour and Rashad Khalifa.
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