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How should we assess the endless stream of media reports and images that we are exposed to daily? On July 2, 2018, Matthew Sparks (M.A., Georgetown University) facilitated an important and evocative discussion of this question and introduced Arab-West Report, the massive electronic database...
On 5th July, Johan Snel delivered a lecture discussing freedom of expression and freedom of religion. Johan’s lecture focused primarily on the current dialogue of freedom of expression and religion in Dutch journalism, and the divisive effects they caused across the Islamic world and wider...
On July 5th, following lectures on the freedom of expression by Johan Snel and Dr Matthew Anderson, the Summer School group discussed freedom of expression and Islamic views of freedom of expression. Initially, Egyptian and Islamic students were invited to start the discussion, to share their...
The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), an American governmental commission monitoring religious freedom all around the world, claimed that in the last year Iranian state authorities stepped up repression of non-Shia Muslim, especially Sufi and Sunnite and other religious ...
Egyptian MP Ghāda ʿAjamī and member of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, expressed her support to Algeria’s decision to ban the full-face veils at work, describing it “a brave decision”.
The courts in Egypt are witnessing weird cases every day and some of these cases become part of the collective memory. One of these cases is the famous case in which the famous Coptic leader of the Wafd Party, Makram ʿUbayd Pasha, or Makram Ebeid, pleaded the case of a Muslim Egyptian citizen, who...
Al-Qaeda Organization in Iraq and the Levant called upon the Muslim Brotherhood to raise arms against the state and forcefully apply Islamic sharī’ah.    
The Committee amending the “Exercise of Political Rights” and the “Parliamentary Elections” laws will receive today  the draft law the technical sub-committee has completed.   
Dr. Aḥmad Karīma, the professor of Comparative Jurisprudence and Islamic Law at Al-Azhar University, said that intellectual terrorism creates potential armed terrorism, that is, bloodshed, destruction of resources and violation of human rights.
The Ministry of Endowment rejected the request for a preacher license from Shaykh Yassir Burhami, deputy head of the Da’wah al- Salafiah.
The satirist Bill Maher, leader of Detractors against Islam and its Prophet Muhammad, went too far with his sarcasm in his weekly show “Real Time With Bill”, in which he stated that the Qu’ran simply describes culture from the Middle Ages. 
Al-Waily Misdemeanor Appeals court has ruled to punish Ahmad Muhammad Abd Allah, more known as Abu Islam, with jail for 6 months in the second lawsuit presented by Najuīb Jubrā’il, accusing him of contempt of religion. 
The novel follows a group of fellow addicts who gather on a Nile houseboat, the drug a withdrawal from the business of life. They belong to the enlightened bourgeoisie including a writer, a lawyer, a journalist, a real estate owner, an artist and a female translator. All these persons are bound...
In a statement issued today, Thursday, al-Azhar expressed its strong condemnation of the initiative by a Dutch Parliamentarian to organize an anti-Islam cartoon contest, while expressing its appreciation for the Dutch Government’s rejection of such step.
Egypt's Islamophobia Observatory strongly condemned the Dutch far-right MP Geert Wilders’s call for holding a cartoon drawing contest of the Prophet Muḥammad later this year at his party’s parliamentary offices.
Members of the Constituent Assembly Khālid Yūssuf  and Muhammad Abu al- Ghār have stated their dissatisfaction with the judicial support to the court sentence ruling to jail novelist Karam Sābir, member of the Writers' Union, for 5 years due to being convicted of contempt of religion.
Author Karam Sābir, member of the Writer’s Union, was convicted of contempt of religion for a set of short stories under the title “Where is God?” which promotes religion and faith.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Egypt's Foreign Minister Sāmiḥ Shukrī has received a phone call from his Dutch counterpart Stef Blok, apologizing for the cartoon contest offensive to Islam. The contest was supposed to take place at the Dutch Parliament.
The Religious Freedom Committee in the American Congress has issued a report that asserted that Egypt has seen a significant increase in the law suits of the contempt of religion since 2011.
The Association of Egyptian Community (AEC) in Greece condemned the brutal attack carried out by the Israeli occupation forces on one of the Coptic monks who, in a peaceful sit-in in front of the Dayr al-Sulṭān, was defending the Egyptian Coptic right of ownership of the monastery.


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