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Salah Montasir thanks the minister of education for banning the Rodinson’s book and publishes a letter from the minister to himself.
Different scholars and men of religion give their opinions on the issue of teaching Maxim Rodinson.
The Shura Council announced a series of changes in the editorial positions of several newspapers and magazines. The most controversial of this was the appointment of Mohammed Abdel Moniem as board chairman and chief editor of the of the weekly magazine Rose Al-Yousef.
Watani, a paper owned by Copts which has always advocated Coptic issues, denounces the proposed American Freedom of Religious Persecution Act. " The use of the terms ’persecution’ and ’racial discrimination’ are very far from the reality of Copts" the paper writes which doesn’t mean there are...
The weekly gives an overview of reactions in the Egyptian press on the report of the New York Council of Churches.
An article on the nature of relationships between Muslims, Copts and Copts abroad.
An article on the penalty of certain crimes in Islam.


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