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Due to the pervasive media reporting both inside Egypt and in the international community, the violent incidents of May 31, 2008 at the Abu Fana Monastery is widely viewed as a sectarian confli
The issue of rising sectarian tensions in Egypt is something that must be addressed directly and not shied away from, writes Hulsman in this week’s editorial.
The article discusses Coptic activists outside of Egypt, who have organized demonstrations in protest to affairs within Egypt, particularly involving the Monastery of Abu Fana.
The following article comments on the bishop of Mallawī heading to the U.S. to update Pope Shenouda on the negotiations surrounding Abu Fana monastery.
Dr. ‘Umar al-Shūbakī discusses sectarian tensions between Muslims and Christians in Egypt and claims that the state is to blame for the current state of affairs.
Drs. Hulsman responds to Jamāl As’ad’s article in which he claimed that the Bishop of Qūssīyah tried and failed to stir up tensions between Muslims and Christians.
Comments from local villagers and tribesmen regarding a recent dispute involving a monastery in Minia, Upper Egypt.
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