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The third meeting of the Council for Human Rights and civil society organizations has called for the establishment of a Ministry of Human Rights and for changes in Egyptian society to prevent sectarianism and discrimination.
As part of a series of meetings to acquaint the French society with the Copts and their plight, the ’Association of Copts in France’ organized a conference on May 5, 2006, under the slogan of "Copts: A Combat for Human Rights,” during which the citizenship rights of Copts in Egypt were discussed.
The author writes about the current sectarian crisis between Muslims and Copts in Egyptian society, listing a number of factors that have caused these problems.
Different views of Christian thinkers about the emigrant Christians’ demands in Canada to prevent aid to the Egyptian government
Rumors are going around concerning the links between Pope Shenouda and the expatriate Copts according to the author. He expresses his opinion on the matter and gives evidence in support of his belief.
The sectarian incident in Alexandria has created uproar among the Copts. Egyptian intellectuals and clergy men have reacted to it. The reactions of expatriate Copts were also observed.
In an exclusive interview with Rose al -Yousuf, the chairman of the National Council for Human Rigths (NCHR), Dr. Butrus Ghālī, speaks out on citizenship rights, the Danish crisis, the Coptic dossier and the role of the council in serving the community.
‘Adlī Abādīr makes shocking statements accusing Egyptian authorities and the Muslim Brotherhood of treating to kill him.
In a response to the disturbances in Alexandria, a number of Christian youth and intellectuals have decided to hoist a flag to represent the Christians in Egypt.
Tahānī Ibrahīm castigates expatriate Coptic minority pressure groups and praises the exemplary behaviour of the Nubian minority.


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