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Thousands of Egyptian Muslims and Christians joined together in Cairo to protest and condemn the attack against the Two Saints Church, Saint Mark and Pope Peter on New Year's Day. They also called for national unity and solidarity. Similar protests also took place in other Egyptian cities....
Dr. ‘Abd Allāh al-Ash‘al is a controversial figure who stepped down from his former position as Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2003. In an interview with al-Dustūr, al-Ash‘al talks about several issues, such as Israel’s former president’s claims about his country’s plans to infiltrate...
This article details the Supreme Administrative Court’s final ruling to strip Egyptian men married to Israeli women, and their children, of Egyptian citizenship.
The four main issues discussed in the AWR editorials are: comments and critiques on the media, Muslim-Christian and Arab-West relations, AWR activities and attention for its work and finally difficulties in running AWR
‘Abd al-Mun‘im Mahmūd writes about the development of al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah and its changing policies.
The article mentions books that have been banned or approved by the Islamic Research Academy.
The author interviews Emad Gad, a Coptic academic who specializes in the study of Israel and its society. He comments on the current tensions, and hopes for the future, as well as his opinion on Muslim-Christian relations within Egypt itself.
Nabīl Zakī refutes the claims that Israel is a democratic and civilized state that accepts religious diversities, listing statements by Jewish rabbis as well as stances of Israeli movements that reject the existence of non-Jewish in Israel, which might nip any attempts of peace in the buds.
Nabīl Zakī, the author, says that the U.S. as well as Israel have been exploiting religion in serving their colonial policies in Palestine.
Nabīl Zakī criticizes the U.S. Department of State’s report on the status of religious freedom in Israel and the occupied territories, believing that the report disregarded innumerable racial practices by the Israeli government against religious freedom.


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