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This article outlines the difficulties faced by two brothers raised as Christians, but with a Muslim father. The boys’ mother helps them with a lawsuit to keep their religion, but it seems they will be forced to convert to Islam.
This article deals with the two Christian boys who desire to keep their Christian religious beliefs, although their father has converted to Islam.
This article deals with the rules of conversion from Christianity to Islam, and vice-versa, in Egypt.
Today, many Copts are complaining about the hate messages delivered in the sermons of imāms. Such messages label Copts as pagans and encourage Muslims to correct such “sin”; additionally, Copts have been wrongfully accused of questionable allegations. These charges and solicitations have led to...
The Administrative Court rejects a lawsuit filed by Mario and Andrew’s mother against the minister of the interior and the head of the Department of Civil Affairs.
The Administrative Court is expected to rule in the case of Mario and Andrew on March 30, 2010.
Andrew and Mario Ramsis are 15-year-old Christian-born twins whose father converted to Islam two years. The twins rejected officially being considered as Muslims and have fought to remain Christians. On 26 September the Council of State, Egypt’s highest administrative court, will be hear the twin’s...
Bishop Marqus, Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Shubrā-al-Khaymah held an interview with the Cairo-based Danish photo-journalist Flemming Weiss Andersen and Jayson Casper, the international coordinator for the ZIVIC peacemaking initiative at the Center for Arab West Understanding (CAWU). During the...
The author highlights the recently published book ‘Al-Mutahawwilūn Dīniyyan’ [Religious Converts] by Hānī Nasīrah.
The article sheds light one the disagreement between Pope Shenouda and Maximus with regard to divorce and remarriage.


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