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Hishām Nājī Nazīr filed a lawsuit before the Administrative Court, demanding the cancellation of his conversion to Islam. He cites as reasons the fact that no medical exam or questioning of his motives took place.
A Christian born woman is accused of distorting official documents. Both Shādyā al-Sīsī and her mother did not know about her father’s accidental conversion. Shādyā is accused of changing her religion on official papers.
A press conference was organized by the Egyptian Union for Human Rights Organisation to give reporters an opportunity to meet Camilia Lutfi and her twin sons Andrew and Mario. However the mother and her children did not turn up.
A Christian high-school student tried to commit suicide after being made to sit the Islamic exam because her father converted to Islam.
Faraj Ismā‘īl calls on the church in Egypt to play a role in limiting Christians’ violence against Muslims and comments that the number of conversions to Islam in Egypt is increasing.
A Christian mother and Muslim convert father, now separated, fight for the custody of their 13 year-old twins. The father wins the battle even though Egyptian law states that children under the age of 15 should stay with their mother, regardless of religion. The twins state that they are Christian...
The Christian mother embroiled in a lawsuit with her ex-husband over the custody of their two children has claimed that she will not give custody of her children over to her Muslim husband.
The Shubra al-Khaima criminal court has sentenced Bahiya Nagy al-Sissi in absentia to three years in prison for forgery. Al-Sissi was born a Christian but, unbeknown to her, her father converted to Islam for a brief period when she was a child.
The Alexandria Court of Appeals has ruled that the Muslim father of two Christian boys should be given custody of his children.
A court ruling has given Mario and Andrew’s Muslim father custody of his two Christian children


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