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A church lawyer sued the Ministry of Interior for its decree on canceling the lawful guiding meetings with converts to Islam.
The Alexandria Forensic Medical Authority, Department of Forgery Research, has stated that Andrew and Mario’s father’s signature on a document that shows that he decided not to convert to Islam is genuine. His wife hopes that she might now to be able to receive a verdict on the custody of their...
The author, Hānī Ahmad Rizq, claims that a state of sectarian tension stormed the village of Miniyat al-Hayt in al-Fayyūm as a result of a Muslim villager accusing a Coptic family of kidnapping and harming his wife.
Hānī Labīb suggests a number of measures by which a convert from one religion to another could be accepted in society.
Hanī Labīb says that despite freedom of faith being one of basis of citizenship, conversion from one religion to another is considered to be a reason for sectarian tensions. He supports a call for establishing a program for preparing converts to fully accept their new faith.
The following article presents an introduction to the debate about the freedom of religion and conversion in Egypt, focusing on legal cases of conversions, specifically changing one’s religious identity on identification cards.
Although Egyptian civil law does not prohibit conversion from one religion to another, there are discrepancies in an individual’s ability to convert.
The following presents an investigative report authored by Mads Akselbo Holm, an intern for Arab-West Report, on the issue of Muslims leaving their faith. This study provides an excellent background to the commotion caused by Muḥammad Ḥijāzī announcing his conversion to Christianity.
The following presents letters from the readers of Watani International, commenting on published stories, and hot topics of contention in the Egyptian media.
The family of the disappeared Coptic girl, Amal Zakī Nasīm, has said in an official memorandum that their daughter has been kidnapped under an American-Zionist conspiracy in order to incite sectarian clashes in the country.


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