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Heated international political controversies and events continue to associate Islam with violence and intolerance.
Lam‘ī reports on the western inference in the Middle East region and the role of Arabs in resistance. 
This article describes a recent seminar in the Supreme Council for Culture concerning the impact of the Crusades on the societies of both the East and West.
This article deals with the issue of the portrayal of the Prophet in satirical form, and Muslim reactions in the Netherlands.  
The American Religious Freedoms Committee does not feel satisfied with the verdict issued acquitting the four Muslims accused of killing a Copt. They described the verdict as a reflection of the absence of justice in dealing with the violent sectarian incidents between Copts and Muslims which,...
The annual report of the American Committee for Religious freedom placed Egypt on a watch list of states which violate religious freedoms. Some people and organizations confirmed the existence of religious discrimination in Egypt, others criticized the report as foreign interference.
The author highlights an article by British journalist Robert Fisk on the conditions of Christians in the Middle East.  
In this article the the author describes the culture of questioning, which he believes to be the only way towards development and changing the passive, static, stale state of Arab countries. By adopting this cultre, however, they may able to reduce the gap with the rest of the countries all over...
The Head of the American Coptic National Assembly Maoris Sādiq ignites an instigation campaign against Egypt under the pretext of defending the rights of the Copts in Egypt.  
The head of the Dutch Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, has announced that he will visit Turkey as part of a parliamentary delegation next year. In the past Wilders’ other foreign visits have caused considerable controversy.


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