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On the second day of the interfaith dialogue conference which is being held under the auspices of the Episcopal Church, participants have claimed that the roots causes of sectarianism in Egypt need to be tackled.
Dr. Abū al-Najā says that she was able to identify the main point of disagreement over the offensive drawings of the Prophet Muhammad, during her visit to Denmark. At the Egyptian-Danish dialogue, she heard two views: apologies for humiliating any religion and a protection of freedom of expression.
Geert Wilders’ film ’Fitná is a nuclear bomb that creates fear of Islam, but in a civilized way.
The following article presents an interview with Muhammad cartoonist Kurt Westergaard..
Robeir al-Faris discusses the paradoxical situation in Egypt regarding books that promote a religious doctrine. He cites two books that have been published recently that contain blatant promotions of Islam at the expense of Christianity and believes that Christians must be granted the same rights.
The author reflects on three different recent incidents that he believes should worry moderate Muslims and questions why international organizations have not spoken out against these events.
Nabīl ‘Abd al-Fattāḥ analyzes the recent crisis of the British schoolteacher who was arrested in Sudan on charges of insulting Prophet Muhammad. He says that Arabs and Islamic states need a realistic, intelligent way of understanding cultural diversity.
The article considers to what extent political Islam movements have influenced religious intolerance.
The author discusses a number of recent incidents that have indicated that while freedom of expression is a right guaranteed in Europe, it should not be an unbridled right when this freedom infringes on the rights of others.
Samīr Marqus summarizes a lecture he had delivered about religion in international relations, and sheds light on the Vatican Document, believing that understanding the document requires digging deeper in the socio-political background of the Catholic Church.


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