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The general prosecution headed by Counselor Sharīf ‘Imād al- Dīn has ruled to imprison Ahmad Mus’ad al- Mi’adāwī, member of ISIS, for 15 days pending investigations.
Dr. Shawqī Allam, the grand muftī, has denounced that armed militias have attacked one of the mosques in Baghdad, Iraq
Egyptian President ‘Abd al- Fattāh al- Sīsī threatened to crush ISIS if it comes near Egypt. 
The author opens his article with some lines that he published 11 years ago in Al-Ahrām Newspaper. These lines tell the story of two children, Bīshūy and Aḥmad, living in Shubrā al-Mazallāt. Bīshūy does not hesitate in extending his hand to Aḥmad to save him from drowning in the Nile River....
One year ago, Egypt witnessed an unprecedented terror attack on her territory, urging, hence, to implement new mechanism in its war on terror, radical thought, deterring actions against extremism, leaving behind inherited tradition, and raising awareness. The victims of al-Rawḍa Mosque, who were...
The International Union for Azhar and Sūfī Youth has announced that it will hold a press conference next week to denounce the inhumane crimes committed by the Israeli army against the citizens of Gaza, as well as those committed by ISIS against Christians in al-Mosul. 
  Islamist figures have deemed the Muslim Brotherhood and Ansār Bayt al- Maqdis group responsible for yesterday’s attack  against the security forces responsible for securing al- Azhar student dormitories.
Rev. Rif’at Fikrī, head of the Media Council of the Coptic Evangelical Church has mourned the victims of the terrorist attack that took place yesterday (March 15th) in Musturud, Cairo.
The 13 nuns of Mar Taqlā monastery in addition to three ladies that used to work in the monastery in Ma’lūla, Syria have been released.
Aḥmad al-Ṭayyib, the Grand shaykh of the Azhar has denounced the terrorist attack calling it an “ugly attack” and prayed for the dead.


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