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The U.S state department has issued a new report on the state of human rights in different countries around the world.
The author reflects on two recent reports that deal with newspaper writing in Egypt. He comments that many newspapers do not have reporting the facts as their main focus and instead seek to persuade readers of a certain viewpoint or political leaning.
The proposed new draft law has been criticized for restricting freedom of expression and there are calls for a new law that regulates satellite channels without censoring them.
The article discusses the recent charter that Arab Information Ministers agreed upon during a meeting in Cairo on February 12. Many commentators believe that it is just another way for the government to impose restrictions on freedom of speech.
On February 12, Arab countries adopted a charter which puts limits on Arab satellite channels and prohibits offending political and religious figures. Qatar has rejected the document and Lebanon has expressed its reservations. The article outlines the repercussions of the incident.
Al-Faris considers the trend of media censorship, and highlights a number of publications that have struggled with the limitations on their freedom of expression.


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