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Al-Wafd interviews Dr. ‘Alī al-Sammān, former counselor to the president, asking about reasons and solutions for fitnah in Egypt. 
Al-Wafd interviews Muhammad Abū al-Ghār, Head of March 9th Movement, concerning the reasons and solutions for fitnah in Egypt. 
This article deals with the dichotomous world of the Middle East, but specifically within Egypt. Egypt is stuck in a middle ground between development and authoritarianism. The author uses the traffic in Egypt as a parallel concerning the social structure in Egypt. People are moving, but to where,...
’A unified law for building worship places... necessity and impediments’ was the title of a seminar that was recently organized by the Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination group. Members of Parliament, human rights activists, public and media figures attended the seminar and it was led by the...
Dr. Ahmad Sokarno writes about the Nubian issue and the campaign organized by Rose al-Yūsuf.
The author discusses the release of Aymān Nūr the political prisoner that has recently been released. The article debates whether or not he was released following foreign pressure and charts his political career.
In recent years Egyptians’ fears about the lack of political liberalization have been allayed by the economic liberalization however in light of the global financial crisis it looks as though the economic reform may also be negatively affected.
ENAWU partner CESMO asked for an Egyptian student to participate in their workshop “We are all in the same boat.” It was only natural for us to ask our Egyptian intern Marianne Mahrūs to go to Lebanon. Here Marianne reports on her experiences at the workshop in Lebanon.
A study is published reviewing the legal status in Egypt and noting the deterioration in freedom of speech and democratic initiatives.
Sakīnah Fū’ād writes about the incident of beating Ahmad Mahīr, the Facebook activist.


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