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Magdy Malak reflects on the scope and power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and bemoans the lack of any real opposition parties that are able to compete with the ruling National Democratic Party.
Since the start of this year the Islamic world has seen a number of conferences that focus on the change toward democracy. Democratic reform is the only means for Islamic nations to get out of the historical crisis they are going through. The two cases of Iraq and Afghanistan have proven that the...
Muhammad Amīn praises the unprecedented braveness of Ahmad Kamāl Abū al-Majd, deputy-head of the National Council for Human Rights, who has called for civil disobedience; whilst holding a senior post in the government.
The article looks at a resolution that was recently passed in the European Parliament concerning Egypt’s human rights record. The resolution has created uproar in many Egyptian milieus.
The head of the Middle East Freedom Forum Magdi Khalil lays out the goals, aims and methods of his new organization and beseeches Egyptians to support and encourage its work.
Hānī Labīb calls to create a new program in the Egyptian educational process to be focused on educating pupils and students of all educational levels on the rights and duties related to elections.
Al-Darbī presents a report on the principles of citizenship in Egypt. She discusses the difficulties, and reports the positive steps taken in this regard. She also reports on the viewpoints of a number of observers and specialists.
The author Ṣalāh al-Dīn Ḥāfiz criticizes the Egyptian regime of misusing religious institutions, whether Islamic or Christian, in order to achieve political gains, warning of the harmful consequences of such policies.
The author discusses political reform in Egypt, and questions if it is even possible with the monopoly that the current ruling party enjoys in the political realm.
The author reviews a book about democracy and freedom of expression in Egypt by Sāmiḥ Fawzī entitled, “Colors of Freedom, an Egyptian View.” The book discusses democracy in Egypt and considers how successful it really is.


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