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Hamdein Sabbāhī, founder of the Popular Current, said that Egypt is in a real dilemma now that it is following the same old policies, despite the fact that the people have had two great revolutions.
Human rights activist and researcher Mīnā Thābit, lashed out at the Egyptian regime in an opinion article published by Mada Masr. Thābit criticized the current status of human rights and personal freedoms in Egypt, especially following the ouster of the former president Muḥammad Mursī and the...
Dr. Muḥammad Nūr Faraḥāt, professor of constitutional and international law, said that the youth movements do not have the adequate and required ability to propose alternatives in the current political scene, considering that the power possessed by the youth is limited to staging protests only.
Prominent TV presenter and writer, Ibrāhīm ʿĪssa, stressed in his show broadcast by “Al-Qahira Wa al-Nas channel “, that the development of countries is assessed by the level of its democracy.
Since the ancient Egypt to the present day, the concept of duality colors much of the Egyptian way of thinking. Many symbols were used by the ancient Egyptians, some of their associations and meanings are lost to us.
Prominent writer and political thinker, Dr. Mustafa al-Fiqī, confirmed that Egypt notoriously known for its ill-reputed human rights record. 
The Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) declared on Sunday its solidarity with human rights defenders, and demanded the end of prosecution policy practices against them, particularly in Egypt.
  The National Political Academy in Egypt, sponsor of the Vision For Change Program, announced that 533000 signatories support the so-called Charter For The Future Of Egypt issued last Sunday.  
The revolution of June 30 carried resounding slogans that promised reforms. However, political parties and public figures who flocked in the squares to support it back then, turn against it on its 3rd anniversary.
Founder of Egypt Above All Alliance, Mahmūd `Attyia, does not recognize January 25 a revolution or those who ignited it.


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