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Philip Rizk, was kept under arrest for four days in Egypt for protesting about the Egyptian-Gazan border being closed. Philip was freed today but his arrest has resulted in discussions about; the freedom of demonstrating in Egypt, non-government humanitarian aid from Egypt to Gaza, police providing...
Watani International defends Mubārak’s stance toward Gaza and criticizes the Arab politicians that have verbally attacked Egypt. He extols Mubārak’s wisdom in not responding to these verbal attacks but calls on Egyptians to realize that Hamās is completely to blame for the situation in Gaza.
In an interview with al-Wafd, Shenouda comments on the recent attacks against Gaza and the American policy toward the Middle East. Arabs’ unity is important and the U.S. will never change its strategy toward Israel.
The key to encouraging people to respect other’s beliefs is education, believes Dr. Amīn Makram ‘Ubayd. According to him, state schools should promote the brotherhood of all citizens, not the followers of one religion above the others.   An ideal state school system should be non religious, but...
A well known Dutch Islamologist has sent a letter to the Dutch prime minister calling for justice in the Middle East and for the Dutch government to take action against what is happening to Palestinians in the Gaza strip.
A camp is organized between Danes and Egyptians to promote dialogue and increase understanding between the Arab world and the West. Abrār al-Ghannām provides her impressions of the two week camp, highlighting activities and presenting her recommendations for such camps in the future.
Sanā’ al-Sa‘īd interviews Pope Shenouda.
Fahmī Huwaydī writes about two fabricated stories about Hamās that were published in Egyptian newspapers as part of a plan aims to incite people against the resistance.
The article reflects on the current situation in Israel and Palestine. The author discusses the various strategies that Hamās and Fatah are taking and analyzes the possible different Israeli reactions to the situation.
Whenever a terrorist operation occurs, voices calling for convening an international anti-terrorism conference crescendo. Recently the build-up has been such that this conference seems to be billed as a solution to terrorism. In fact it is a fantasy to which we should not surrender our minds.


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