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A Muslim leader in Nazareth demanded Saturday that the Vatican stay out of a dispute between Muslims and Christians. The Vatican opposes the construction of a mosque near the Church of the Annunciation.
Before Israel released the first group of Palestinian prisoners in accordance with the revised Wye River accord, the Israeli Supreme Court’s ruled that the interrogation methods employed Israel’s Shin Bet security agency constituted torture and were thus illegal. The article concludes that the...
What are the appropriate criteria by which to evaluate enterprises of conquest and settlement? What is the role of the Bible?...The obvious contradiction between what some claim to be God’s will and ordinary civilized, decent behavior poses the question as to whether God is a chauvinistic,...
Pope Shenouda says some Copts might go to Israel to celebrate the year 2000 but he doesn’t want normalization with Israel until they give up the land they usurped.
The question for the next century is ’who is the number one in the area, Egypt or Israel?’ In order to remain the strongest country in the region Israel stimulates tensions with different minorities in the region, including Copts.
The Israeli police blocked a window which had been opened up by the Waqf, the charitable body responsible for Muslim holy sites leading to tensions between Israelis and Muslims in Jerusalem.
International terrorism began long time ago. It began since the Second World War and the Cold war (1947-1991). Due to these two wars, Israel appeared and it encouraged terrorism and used it especially against the people who were opposing its policy. But there are some solutions for this problem...
An unknown Jew recently wrote a letter to The Jerusalem Post abusing European heads of states with the typical distorted view of history. The letter carried the headline "An Open Letter to the American President - We will take revenge upon Killer Arabs" was signed by one Hana Gore.
The general conference ended its sessions yesterday with 7 key recommendations.
What happened in Nazareth is of great concern to us as it was the first time religious strife was provoked between Palestinian Muslims and Christians after years of peaceful co-existence.


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