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Endowments Minister Mahmūd Hamdī Zaqzūq held a press conference yesterday to announce the Supreme Council for Islamic Affair’s summit on the situation in Jerusalem that is to be held next February. During the conference, Zaqzūq renewed his call for Muslims to visit Jerusalem with an Israeli visa,...
This article outlines a working paper released by the Vatican outlining the issue of Christians throughout the Middle East.  
AWR contributor Michael Burslem explains how Palestinian Christians are appealing to the global Christian community for support and encouragement….
This article reflects on the Muslim reactions to Netanyahu’s claim that Jerusalem, or Zion, is mentioned in the Bible as the homeland of the Jews 850 times.
This article focuses on Archbishop Bīshūy’s statements concerning entering the Palestinian territories. He refuses to enter in a way that would place an Israeli stamp in his passport
Moná Abū Sakīn criticizes expatriate Coptic activist Morris Sādiq, in particular for his stance on the issue of Israel and Palestine.
 AWR Editor-in-chief Cornelis Hulsman’s article for the Reformatorisch Dagblad on the release of Dr. M. De Blois’ new book “Israel: a state in discussion?”
This article discusses the appropriateness of Egyptian knowledge concerning Israeli arts and culture. It is argued that it is important for Egypt to be a part of the global culture, and so have a vast understanding of the world around them. This includes Israel, although many in Egypt consider...
This article deals with the reaction and demonstrations of many Muslims to Israeli actions in al-Haram al-Qudsī and al-haram al-Ibrāhīmī.
AWR Editor-in-chief Cornelis Hulsman explains his disagreement with the views of Dutch scholar Dr. Matthijs De Blois about Israel and Palestine, following the release of De Blois book “Israel: A state in discussion?”


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