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This article gives a brief background on the various Christian communities in the Middle East, emphasizing the decline of the Christian population over the last century. This is a result of emigration to western Europe and America, driven by several factors, among them persecution
Al-Shurūq Al-Jadīd interviews Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī and asks him about the issues of the Muslim Brotherhood, Gaza and the Egyptian ruling system.
This editorial, republished from the Wall Street Journal by Watani International emphasizes the issue of Christian persecution throughout much of the Muslim world. Pointing to the fact that out of the top 10 worst persecutors of Christians, 8 of those listed are Muslim nations.  
The article analyses the rocky relations between Egypt and Israel since the 1979 peace treaty. It reflects on the prospects for normalisation between the two states and states that as long as the Egyptian people are strongly sympathetic with the Palestinians then the likelihood of improved...
Father Makarius hails the peaceful Muslim-Christian relations in Abū Qurqās and refers to Copts’ patriotism.
This article from the Huffington Post draws attention to Christians living in Muslim countries and states that American Christians are not doing enough to help their religious brethren.
An interview with Metropolitan Bīshūy, the Holy Synod Secretary General, regarding some serious issues.
The opinion of the Coptic Orthodox Church concerning the Jewish religion.
In a statement before a delegation from the American University in Cairo, Minister of Endowments Dr. Zaqzūq stresses equality between Muslims and Christians in Egypt, renews his calls to visit Jerusalem and criticizes the Bahā’ī faith.
Minister Zaqzūq has called on Muslims to visit the al-Aqsá mosque while for the first time ever an Israeli musician has performed in Cairo. Both events have raised fears about the normalization of relations with Israel.


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