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Dr. Bakr Zakī ʿAwaḍ, former Dean of the Cairo Faculty of Fundamentals of Islam and member of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, confirmed that there is nothing in the Qurʾān that states that congratulating Christians or building churches is ḥarām. “Whoever can find a clear text forbidding this...
Media presenter Majdī Ṭanṭāwī attacked the Minister of Religious Endowments, Muḥammad Mukhtār Jumʿa, for his decision to ban loudspeakers in tarāwīḥ prayers so as to respect Christians’ feelings. 
The race between the Salafi Da’wā and Egypt’s Ministry of Endowments has been revived after security sources reported that the Salafi currents control 12% of the mosques in Egypt – which makes more than 10,000 mosques out of a total of 110,000 supervised by the Ministry. 
Egypt's Minister of Endowments, Dr. Muhammad Mūkhtār Jūm`a said that the 26th Conference of the Islamic Affairs is to submit Egypt's anti-violence declaration to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs currently convening in the United Nations General Assembly.
Egyptian author and member of Islamic Shūra Council in Austria, Bahjat al-`Obaidī, condemned the statements made by the Ministry of Endowment’s Undersecretary Dr. Sālem `Abd al-Majīd, in which he described Christians as unbeliever and their faith as “corrupt”.  
Dr. Mokhtār Jūm`ah, Egyptian Minister of Endowments, and chairman of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs announced the signing of the document to reject extremism and racial discrimination, and to send a message of peace from Egypt to the whole world to reject radicalism. The document was...
The Aswān Governorate in southern Egypt hosted the 26th Conference of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs at the Ministry of Religious Endowments on Saturday, and was attended by representatives from several Islamic countries.
Egypt and Tunisia have signed an agreement on cooperation in religious fields, and coordination of efforts to address deviant thought. This was agreed to on the sidelines of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs Conference held in Aswān.
Egypt's Ministry of [religious] Endowments found a Qūr'ān manuscript that dates back to the 10th century in the Sīdī `Ateya Abu al-Rīsh Mosque in Damanhūr, Beheira Governorate, north of Egypt.
The social networking sites founded by the Salafi movement, turned into a religious arena by using video clips as a means of transmitting their speeches and sermons to their audience.


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