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Al-Nūr Mosque in the al-'Abasīyah district in Cairo has witnessed unrest in recent weeks. The land on which the mosque was built was originally given to al-Hidāyah al-Islāmīyah Society, headed by Shaykh Hāfiz Salāmah. Its followers prevented the mosque preacher, Shaykh Ahmad Turk, from ascending...
The author, Fahmī Huwaydī, refuses any form of security interference in the hiring process of new Muslim clerics at the Ministry of Endowments.
Deputy-head of the National Council for Human Rights, Aḥmad Kamāl Abū al-Majd, allied with Minister of Endowments Ḥamdī Zaqzūq when he announced that mosques should not be a place for expressing political opinions or objecting to the ruling party’s policy.
The article exposes the reason for the Ministry of Endowments’ delay in the project to unify the Adhān. The project still teeters between the minister of endowments and the rejecters in the religious committee in People’s Assembly.


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