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The Supreme Administrative Court, headed by Counsellor Muḥammad ʿAbd al-Wahāb Khafāja, confirmed the ruling to ban non-specialists from issuing religious fatwas, and restricting pulpits from preaching without a license from al-Azhar, Egypt’s highest religious authority, or the Ministry of Awqāf.
With the rising influence of the Taliban [Ṭālibān] in Afghanistan, neighbouring Pakistan is seeking to confront violent extremism, not only militarily, but ideologically. Islamabad depends on the support of al-Azhar in Egypt, to enable Pakistani Imams, specifically military imams, to combat...
Jābir Ṭāyiʿ, head of the Religious Sector at the Religious Endowments Ministry, revealed the details of Endowments Minister Dr. Muḥammad Mukhtār Jumaʿa’s decision to make ʿAbd Allāh Rushdī a legal researcher instead of an imām, his former position.
In this article, the author discusses French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent statements about Islam in relation to France’s treatment of its Muslim and immigrant population.  He writes the following:
In a symposium held today under the title “The Role of Women in the Missionary Work and the Educational Field” during the inauguration of the summer cultural season of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, the Minister of (Religious) Endowments, Dr. Shaykh Muḥammad Mukhtār Jumʿa stated that a...
The Ministry of Endowment has filed two complaints against Dr. Yāssir al- Burhāmī, vice president of the Da’wah al- Salafiah.
Ḥāmid starts his article by stating his own opinion on the trending Fatwa kiosk by saying, “ The Fatwa Kiosk is a heresy invented by hastened Shaykhs. 
Asrār al-Usbūʿa:  The Endowment District of Alexandria announces on Saturday an advocacy program to be held during the month of Shaʿabān, that includes organizing weekly advocacy convoys, lessons, and religious nights teaching about “the change of the Qibla, a valuable lesson”.
The Salafī daʿwa and independent preachers continued their control over Awqaf mosques, as they stepped up their publicity and posters propagating their sermons and Friday prayer orations in an attempt to expand in mosques; under the dominion of the Ministry of Endowmnents (Awqaf), without obtaining...
Mahmūd Lūṭfi ʿAmer, a former Salafi Preacher, explained that his fatwa for the demolition of the Conservatory had been misunderstood and put out of context.


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