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By announcing their participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections under the illegal “Islam is the answer” slogan, the Muslim Brotherhood is challenging everyone from the participating political parties to the Supreme Commission for Elections, which does not allow religious slogans. Key...
The governor of al-Qalyūbīyah denounces using houses and worship and schools to achieve political aims.
Diyā’ Rashwān gives three reasons for the impression of religion over the political platform of the Muslim Brotherhood’s proposed party.
An alleged phone call betweens the general guide of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo and the chairman of the political bureau of Hamās in Damascus stresses the need to put pressure on Egypt by organizing demonstrations to gain international approval to stop the siege of the Gaza Strip.
Fahmī Huwaydī criticized the charges directed at a group of 13 members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sohag of planning to overthrow the regime and establish an Islamic Caliphate, wondering how such a small group of people can do that.
Waḥīd Ḥāmid compares the Islamic Justice and Development Party [AKP] in Turkey, which has reached power, and the Muslim Brotherhood group in Egypt. He believes that the Turkish party has managed to attain power by concerning themselves with the real problems of people, unlike Islamists in Egypt...
The article discusses the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in universities and how the group is the most active and effective within university campuses despite the fact that political activities are forbidden in universities
Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary members try to stop new legislation on the establishment and work of NGOs. They attacked many items in the legislation, such as an item that allows non-Egyptians to participate in NGOs. They argued that this could give people who hate Egypt the chance to penetrate...
The article talks about the heated electoral campaigns that characterize the struggle between Muslim Brotherhood’s candidates and those of the ruling National Democratic Party to win the race of the Shūrá Council elections.
A few days before the Shūrá Council elections, the government began a massive security raid of the Muslim Brotherhood organization and detained many of the group’s supporters. Senior officers of the Brotherhood defined the procedures as a prepared plan to rig the results of the election.


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