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Dr. Muhammad Habib, deputy of the Supreme Guide of the Brotherhood announced that the group seeks to open dialogue with small opposition parties following the dialogue it has opened with major opposition parties: Al-the Wafd party, the Nasserist party and theAl- Tagammu party. The Brotherhood...
The mass protests led by the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group, in which 70,000 protestors took to the streets in 18 governorates in Egypt, has raised controversies about the real intentions of the Brotherhood.
Concerning the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian political arena, the confusion the outlawed group is going through is easily sensed. Obviously, this confusion is reflected in all of its decisions, namely those related with escalations against the ruling regime.
Before the recent Egyptian Bar Association elections, members of the Muslim Brotherhood thought that they had all the keys to lift whomever they wanted to zenith and bring opponents down to nadir. However, they failed their first real test. It has become evident for all that the Brotherhood is no...
A document forwarded by the neo-conservatives in the United States to President George W. Bush contained their recommendation to the US administration to deal with all the emerging mainstreams including the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, in a way to avoid having an anti-US regime in the future.
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leaders have replied to the attempts of the US Embassy in Cairo and later the European Union (EU) to start launching a dialogue with the group, which has been approved on condition that this takes place via the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood denied it had called for civil disobedience to prevent President Husnī Mubārak from running in the elections next September.
Muslim Brotherhood’s First Deputy, Dr. Muhammad Habîb, stormed out of the media conference held at the Irshād [Guidance] office last Wednesday after Dr. Nu‘mān Jumca evaded many questions about his stance on the establishment of a Muslim Brotherhood political party.
Since the Muslim Brotherhood announced that it has not yet decided which candidates to support, telephone calls have been flooding the office of the murshid [guide], Muhammad Mahdī ‘Ākif, from those seeking the Brotherhood’s backing.


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