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The interior minister on 16 October announced the arrest of 20 leader of the banned Muslim Brotherhood in the biggest crackdown on the conservative Islamic group in four years.
The detention of 20 leading union figures suspected of belonging to the banned Muslim brotherhood was generally considered an attempt to weaken the Brotherhood’s position in the forthcoming union elections.
Egyptian security authorities recently announced the sudden and completely unexpected arrest of 20 leaders of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.
After Egypt recovered from the terrorism whose first seed was planted by the Brotherhood, the latter are back once again playing the same old game, trying to penetrate society’s civil foundations in lawful and legitimate ways.
Hard-line and centrist members of the Muslim Brotherhood sought to bury the hatchet in a crucial Shura Council session that apparently has smoothed out a two-month feud between them, Islamist sources said on Saturday. Several Islamist activists have noted that the growing differences within the...
A simmering feud between the "hawks" and "doves" of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan was the focus of the Shura Council’s three days of deliberations, due to end on Friday [July 23, 1999] night on whether or not to refer several of its hardline members to the Brotherhood’s internal court.
The controversial ties between Muslim Brotherhood "hawks" in Jordan and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the self-rule areas were the hidden reasons behind growing feuds within the Brotherhood ranks, Islamist and independent sources said this week.
Almost two years after a group of Egyptian political activists defected from the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood to establish a political party, Al-Wasat (Centre), there have been indications that the party may never see the light of day. The lawyer of the would-be founders, Mohamed Selim El-Awwa, says...
Learned sources within the Muslim Brotherhood organization unveiled that currently a fierce struggle is taking place within the circles of leadership of the organization over their position regarding the issue of nomination of President Hosni Mubarak for the fourth presidential term.
An interview between Rafa’t Al-Sa’id of the Tagammu’ Party (who is fiercely critical of the Muslim Brotherhood), and Saleem ’Azouz (the interviewer). He says: "A religious [political] party will start or directly lead to terrorism. I tell you frankly that politicization of religion or...


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