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The author reviews the birth of the Muslim Brotherhood’s international organization and the reasons behind its fall from grace after Mā’moun al-Hudaybī took over as the sixth murshid of the outlawed group.
The author reviews a book by a Muslim Brotherhood member called Mahmoud al-Sabbāgh. The book, the author says, contains the ideology of the group about killing enemies of Islam, as examples of assassination allowed by the Prophet Muhammad were cited by al-Sabbāgh.
In this 1949 article, the late Egyptian intellectual ‘Abbās al-‘Aqqād argues that the Muslim Brotherhood, which he says has sparked unprecedented sedition in Egyptian society, has dubious origins, saying that the grandfather of the Brotherhood founder was a watch fixer in Morocco, a job that was...
The article affirms that Hamās, being one of the branches of the international organization of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, has followed in the footsteps of the latter by getting involved in politics and entering the legislative elections in an attempt to seek a new legitimacy and gain new ground.
‘Ādil Hammouda writes that if Muslim Brotherhood came to power, democracy in Egypt would certainly be threatened.
The Muslim Brotherhood has admitted that it has two election slates, one public, one private.
Conflicts between members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group, Jamāl Tāj and Muhammad Tousoun intensified recently over a complaint filed by the former to the Guidance Office demanding a thorough investigation into Tousoun’s abuse of power.
By listening to Muhammad Mehdi Akef, the seventh guide of the Islamist organization founded in 1928 by Hassan Al-Banna, one has a feeling of dealing with a personality that is regarded as the "pope" of Islam.
The international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood was influenced tangibility by the regional and international changes caused by the attacks of September 11. What is the story of the International organization, problems and internal conflicts it triggered inside the Brotherhood?
In the framework of the American presidential race, the [US] Democratic Party made a big surprise by announcing that the Bush Administration hosted a delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood during the Republican Party's latest conference. An American report released recently noted the American...


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