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The crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood continued as the prosecutor-general extended the detention of 20 alleged Brotherhood activists, arrested two weeks ago, by another 15 days pending investigation.
Two Muslim Brotherhood Movement representatives on Monday met with jailed Hamas leaders in Jweidah Prison in a bid to resolve the deadlock between the government and Palestinian group, Brotherhood sources said.
Prime Minister Abdur-Ra’uf S. Rawabdeh on Sunday met with a delegation representing the Muslim Brotherhood movement to end the two-month-old deadlock between the government and the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas.
Jordan’s King Abdallah said on October 17 that a rift with the Palestinian militant group Hamas should be resolved soon, as two detained Hamas leaders began a hunger strike in a Jordanian jail.
A statement by the movement’s spiritual leader Ali Sadr Al Din Bayanouni said a reported crackdown on Rifa’at Assad’s stronghold in the port city of Latakia was part of the Syrian president’s campaign to pave the way for the transfer of power to his son, Bashhar.
The Muslim Brotherhood on Tuesday dispatched a two-man team to Syria to meet with Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, leaders in a bid to come up with a "formula" to end the deadlock between the government and the Palestinian group, a spokesman of the movement said.
Prior to his departure last week for the United States, King Abdullah II of Jordan reiterated that his government’s crackdown on Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) offices in the capital Amman was motivated purely by Jordanian, rather than by foreign interests. "We have [experienced] no pressure...
The lawyer defending 21 Hamas leaders and activists on Friday said a political settlement to the case of the detained members of the Islamic Resistance Movement was likely, more than a month after the authorities cracked down on the hard-line Palestinian movement.
Two prominent supporters of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas recently withdrew from the Hamas Solidarity Committee in protest against what they described as the Muslim Brotherhood’s soft handling of the recent arrest of Hamas leaders.
The government’s month-old crackdown on the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has led to divisions among Jordanians, from senior officials downwards, officials and analysts said on Monday.


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