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The pope’s position is target for many fame seekers and the candidacy of bishops will hurl the church into a stage of account settling, said Kamāl Zākhir, a Coptic thinker and coordinator of the Coptic Orthodox Church’s Laymen Front. [Amīrah ‘Awad, al-Wafd, Oct. 9, p. 3] Read text in Arabic
In the recent gubernatorial reshuffle, two Copts were appointed as governors for the first time ever with Dr. Manāl Mikhāʾīl in Damietta and Dr. Kamāl Shārūbīm in Daqahlīya, a move commended by the Coptic circles and considered as a step on the road to citizenship.
Kamāl Zākhir, Founder of the Secular Coptic Current (SCC), announced that the SCC will organize its 6th conference by next October, indicating that it will present an Egyptian national vision regarding the problems associated with the erection of churches and the Coptic monasticism. 
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