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In this article, Youssef Sidhom wrote about "Unifying the rules that control building, expanding and restoring the worship places in order to achieve equality among all citizens in spite of their different religions." Sidhom wants equal rules for building mosques and churches.
President Mubarak issued three presidential decrees for building three new churches for Orthodox Copts: a church in Mustafa Fahmi street in Helwan, Cairo, a church in Al-Shat Street in Fayyoum, and a third in Marina tourist village [on the Mediterranean coast]. The president has also issued three...
The Church of the Virgin Mary and of the Martyr Abanob at El-Kilj in Jebel El-Asfer in the diocese of Shirbin El-Kom in the governorate of El-Qalyubya is an old, crumbling, church. Built thirty years ago, its purpose was to cater for the spiritual needs of the Copts of the area. It has been closed...
A letter to the editor of Al-Akhbar by a Christian pharmacist complaining that the clamor about the building of churches is exaggerated.
Restorations to save the hanging Church begins.


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