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Shaykh Aḥmad Abū Rāshid al-Jabālī, chief of the Jabāliyya tribe and advisor to the Monastery of St. Catherine on Sinai tribal affairs, denied the news on social media about the closure of the monastery in Christmas for security reasons.
UNESCO World Heritage List includes seven Egyptian sites, divided into six heritage: The Monastery of Abū Mīnā, Historical [Islamic] Cairo, The Memphite Necropolis, Ancient Thebes, The Monuments of Nubia, and St. Catherine.  
Civil Protection Forces in al-Daqahliyya managed to contain a fire that ravaged the Monastery of St. Demiana in the city of Bulqās today. An official report was issued of the attack and it has been sent to the prosecutor for investigation. 
Following the terror attack on a bus conveying Christian pilgrims on their way to the St. Samuel the Confessor in the Minya Governorate, the Coptic Orthodox Church has decided to close the Mar Guirguis (St. George) Monastery of Al-Khataba town in the Monūfiyah Governorate, in Lower Egypt. The...
Assiūt is characterized by its many tourist and religious attraction, especially ones related to Christianity, because it represents a civilization, culture, and historical legacy of the Copts worldwide.
Father Felixinōs, a monk of Deir al-Muharraq in Assiūt, confirmed that the old Virgin Mary Church of the Monastery was the place where the Holy Family lived, pointing out that it is the oldest church worldwide.
The monastery of Anbā Bula Al-ʿAmer of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the Red Sea, issued a statement on Friday, warning of the production of a film that depicts the life of the deceased monk, Bishop Fānūs of Anbā Bula.
One third of the books in the library of the monastery of Dominicans is about the Arabic and Islamic world. The supervisor of the library, pointed out that the interest in Islamic affairs dates back to the 1940s. The children of the Dominican church believe that everything has some truth in it...
The efforts to revive the path of the Holy Family and restore all historical sites along the path didn’t stop at traditionally recognized sites only. Also the monastery of Saint Dimyana says it is located on the path of the Holy Family.
The Assiut criminal court sentenced the murderers of father Aghnatios of Deir el-Muharraq with seven years of imprisonment with hard labor.
Assuit’s Criminal Court decided to postpone the case of the murder on a monk of Al-Muharraq monastery in Qussia, to next Tuesday.
The wife of Father Ibrahim Abdel Sayyed and all the family of the priest are asking: Is it possible to ask Pope Shenouda to forgive this family which has no enmity towards the church, and allow to hold the fortieth-day prayer which the members of the family will participate in, in order to forget...
Bishop Sawirus, bishop and head of Deir Al-Muharraq writing to Watany newspaper explains the monastery’s policy on evictions of tenants from land belonging to it, and presents evidence that suggests that the murderers of the monk did not do so because he was allegedly going to evict them. In fact,...
A Muslim man killed a Coptic Christian priest in Southern Egypt on September 2, in what police said was a personal dispute over land. They said Selim Abou Aita, who had rented a plot of land belonging to the Al-Muharraq church in Assiut, some 320 kilometers south of Cairo, shot Father Aghnatious...
Most news reports on the death of father Aghnatious of the monastery of Muharaq report about problems between the monastery and tenants. That’s however not fair. The problems concerned squatters.
After 72 hours the security authorities revealed that there were two brothers who were afraid that the monk might kick them out of the land and thus they set a trap for him in order to threaten him.
The security authorities discovered that the monk kicked out a farmer from his land. Hence, the farmer and his brother shot him with automatic guns and they ran away.
The security authorities discovered that two brothers set a trap for the monk inside the fields that were near the monastery.
The news about the death of this monk was published last Friday, but newspapers gave no details about the incident. We have, therefore, decided to reveal the mystery of the incident.
Last Thursday at five o’clock, the funeral for the monk Aghnatious of the Monastery of al-Muharaq was held.
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