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The voter registration committee on the election of the 118th pope for the Coptic Orthodox Church stopped receiving more contests against the voter lists, settling for the 150 challenges it had received. [
Bishop Pachomius announced on August 10 the list of 17 candidates for the Coptic Orthodox Patriarch seat. They are seven bishops and ten monks:
Bishop Dimitrius of Mallawī and al-Ashmūnīn, al-Minya Governorate, has called on Bishop Pachomius, Coptic Orthodox Acting Patriarch not to permit the candidacy of Bishops for the position of patriarch and to restrict the candidacies to monks “so that spiritual and church laws not be broken.”
A first circuit court will hear in September the suit brought by Engineer Mājid Mikhā'īl requesting a ruling halting the activities of committees supervising the election of the Coptic Orthodox Pope, also scheduled for September.
Pope Tawadros II has appointed Father Ruwaīs Marcos.. 
Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawāḍrūs II met with priests and members of the church’s Holy Synod ministering the dioceses in the Gulf States.
Bishop Antonius, Bishop of the Holy See and the Near East, headed the ordination prayers for the first priests of the Coptic community in Kuwait, alongside a number of the church’s bishops.
Watanī published the list of Copts eligible to vote for the 118 th Coptic Orthodox Patriarch. The list contained 2554 names that represent many segments in the society, including: metropolitans and bishops, heads of monasteries, deputies and trustees, members of the Spiritual Council in Cairo,...
Near thirty journalists gathered at the Cairo Foreign Press Association headquarters to gain insight on the process involved in selecting a successor to the recently deceased Pope Shenouda. Arab West Report presented its research on the subject, accepting also further inquiries.
Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III is often praised, in particular by his own followers, for his ecumenical stances. The reality is, however, somewhat different, as the decisions of the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod show. All synod meetings were presided over by Pope Shenouda, a strong and charismatic...
Egyptian Christians are mourning the death of Coptic Orthodox Pope and Patriarch Shinūdā III, who passed away on Saturday at the age of 88. Pope Shinūdā (August 3, 1923 - March 17, 2012) was extremely popular among millions of common Christians. A charismatic reformer and an advocate of Christian...
Labīb highlights the history of the Community Council in the Coptic Orthodox Church and its authority to manage the church’s financial affairs. The Community Council was formed in 1872 and then again in 1974. Many obstacles hindered the development of the Community Council, and troubles resulted...
Labīb responds to Pope Shenouda’s recent declarations in the media. He criticizes his attitude toward the laymen group and refers to what he considers to be the uncertain stances of the pope and the zeal of the laymen group in favor of the church
A group of Copts try to have a priest defrocked, but the pope rejects the idea.
The conflict between Bishop Kyrillos and the six priests is still ongoing despite the interference of Pope Shenouda and his decision to return Bishop Kyrillos to his bishopric in Naj‘ Hammādī.
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