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The article bears an interview with Dr. ‘Ādil Fawzī, director of Egypt’s branch of the Canada-based Middle East Christian Association [MECA], who has been under arrest for three months on charges of provoking sectarian strife and scorning religions.
The Middle Eastern Christian Association helps a former Muslim convert to Christianity to have a new identity card with her new Christian name issued, sparking protests throughout Egypt.
Nabīl ‘Abd al-Malik discusses the issue of the rights of minorities in the Middle East, suggesting that current circumstances require foreign support in order to achieve justice for persecuted minorities and ethnic groups in the region.
Dr. Rodolph Yanney, president of the Society of Coptic Church Studies and founder and editor of Coptic Church Review in 1980, gave the RNSAW permission to bring his articles in the Copts Digest and the Coptic Daily Digest, published in 1999, together in one report describing the factors leading to...
The Egyptian and international reactions on the Al-Koshh incidents followed each other. The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights [EOHR] issued a statement in which it said that one of the principal reasons for the rioting is not confirming the principal of citizenship in the minds of the...
While Egyptians where preparing to celebrate Christmas and Eid Al-Fitr - the gift of God - that was sent to Egypt this year to confirm the unity of its people, the incidents of Al-Koshh came to spoil all that joy and happiness and cast depressing shadows on that occasion that comes only every...
A message sent by the youth of Al-Koshh village to Al-Ahali newspaper said that the main reason for the blowing up of events was due to the cover-up of the media and security.
The author criticizes the attitude of the police in el-Koshh and many other places where they overstepped the boundaries of authority.
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