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Counselor Yūsuf Ṭalʿat, legal representative of the Evangelical Church, revealed the details of the meeting of the heads of the Egyptian churches at the papal headquarters at the Cathedral of St. Mark's in ʿAbbāsiyya.
Shaykh Muhammad ‘Abd al- Rāziq, head of the Religious Department in Ministry of Endowments stated that the Ministry requested from the Ministry of Justice to grant the right of judicial arrest to 300 inspector, preaching supervisor and ministry deputies nationwide
The Giza Emergency Supreme State Security Court adjourned to the April 1 session the Imbābah incidents case in which 48 persons – 33 Muslims and 15 Christians – are facing charges of illegal assembly, premeditated murder, attempted murder, sparking and inciting sectarian fitnah and setting fire to...
The Centre of Judicial Studies and Researches of State Council organized a symposium on Wednesday entitled, “The French State Council’s Superintendence of administrative decisions related to freedom of expression and freedom of belief”. Arnaud Casado, Professor of Law at the University of Paris,...
Egyptian activists launched a violent attack against Egyptian Justice Minister Ahmad al-Zind on social networking sites following the minister's statement that all Brotherhood leaders sentenced to death will be executed immediately after all stages of litigation have ended.
The Association of Human Rights in Alexandria strongly condemned what it called 'the interference of the minister of justice in judicial affairs', demanding the minister to apologize for declarations he had made in this regard.
Lawyers from the legal committee of the Heliopolis Center for Political and Human Rights Researches (HCPHRR) filed a complaint with Egypt's prosecutor general accusing the minister of Justice, Ahmad al-Zind, of incitement to violence, hate, and of accusing countries with strong ties to Egypt of...
  The fact-finding committee, headed by Minister of Justice Muhammad al-Jundī, has finished preparations for its report on the names of the unlicensed NGOs which have received foreign funds, breaching the sovereignty of the state and national security.  
Pegged to the Deir Abu-Hennes affair Youssef Sidhom writes about arbitrary changing of names in Egypt.
The fact that Egyptians no longer fear legal repercussions if they break the law can be attributed to the "feeble regime" that rules the country, states Mukhtār Nūh in his article.


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