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The policies pursued by former US President Barack Obama from January 2009 to February 2013 have caused civil unrest in the Arab world, said “Mantho Vadom” [Mānthū Fādūm], a researcher on Islamic organizations at the Center for “United West” Studies.
Eight years have passed since the Egyptian former Minister of Culture has lost the elections for the presidency of UNESCO. In the book “Secrets of the Battle of UNESCO” by journalist Fat'hiyya al-Dakhakhnī and an introduction written by the great writer Makram Mohammad Ahmad, was presented this...
Sāmih Makram ‘Ubayd handed me his business card with the words, ‘I hope I get to use this again.’ Underneath his name it spelled out ‘Member of Parliament’. He took it back momentarily and penciled in an additional word in Arabic: ‘Dissolved’.
Many Egyptians believe that the US supports Mursī and the Muslim Brotherhood in being the next president and forming the next government of Egypt. As a US-born American, I have always loved my country, but I have seldom been a fan of US-government foreign policy in the Middle East whether...
One of the most confusing aspects of the recent clashes in Tahrīr Square is why they happened at all. The basic story, told at length here, is that a small group of sit-in protestors were dispersed violently by police, and as word spread more and more protestors joined their ranks. Eventually...
This issue presents a number of interesting articles on cases of sedition on Egypt, further commentary on the speech of President Obama, and the recent ongoings in the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The family of the disappeared Coptic girl, Amal Zakī Nasīm, has said in an official memorandum that their daughter has been kidnapped under an American-Zionist conspiracy in order to incite sectarian clashes in the country.
The author reviews the various studies that have been carried out on the subject of the fortunes owned by Christians in Egypt, believing that the talks about the discrimination of Copts have become just a “silly joke.”
Did late Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin during his first visit to Egypt after the Camp David agreement point to the pyramids and uttered the words “My forefathers contributed to building them?” This is most likely a legend based on conspiracy thinking.
Report of a visit to the location of the incident just hours after one Christian worker had been killed at the Patmos convent. The report describes the local situation, angry responses of local Christians and conflicting stories


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