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Dozens of bearded police officers and constables protested outside the interior ministry headquarters on Wednesday (October 31) to demand returning to their jobs by virtue of court rulings in their favor.
The Ministry of Interior has stated that it is attempting to monitor the social media websites Facebook and Twitter by getting access to monitoring programs. 
The security apparatuses of Egypt's Ministry of Interior thwarted what it called “the biggest plot” of a double suicide bombing on a church in Alexandria, coinciding with the `Eid Al-Fitr festivities.
This past Sunday, the Cairo Security Directorate started a series of seminars and programs related to the field of human rights, and legal education for officers and members of the police, especially to those dealing directly with the public such as the police and criminal investigation departments...
The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) expressed its deep condemnation of the attack on a large number of lawyers late last night by the security forces in the Dokki Police Station. EOHR asserted that this was contrary to the law and the constitution.
A delegation from the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) in Egypt carried out a field visit to the notorious Al-`Aqrab Prison in Tora, to find out the reality of the situation inside it and how detainees and prisoners were treated there.
In a statement released by president of Hizb Misr al-Horreya (The Egypt Freedom Party, EFP),Tāmer Sehāb, the Party calls on the Minister of Justice to bring himself to justice.
The Human Rights Center to Support Digital Expression, known as HRDO, said that the year 2016 witnessed successive attacks Egyptian people suffered due to violations practiced by Egyptian security forces, such as abduction, torture, and forced disappearance.
The recent case of police torture causing the death of a young man detained in Al-Tālibiya police station has stirred an uproar in Egypt, especially after the Ministry of Interior's statement, that the cause of death was due to an "acute [blood] circulatory insufficiency. The family of the diseased...
Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court ruled on Saturday that only the first paragraph of Article 10, which grants the interior ministry authority to deny protest requests, was unconstitutional.


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