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Bishop Tawadros said that the assault on the Papal Headquarters during the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood was the first in all of Islamic History. He added that the Muslim Brotherhood started the violence against protesters at Maspero in order to lure the Christians into a violent confrontation...
Peter Ramsīs, the lawyer in the Imbābah, incidents stated that the following individuals have been acquitted in Imbābah's incidents on June 3, 2011. They are accused of illegitimate gathering, meditated murder, possessing firearms, and robbery.  
 The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) highlighted today an article in Al-Jumhūrīyah of May 13, 2011 in which journalist Safā' Sālih wrote “that the Jews had orchestrated the clashes between the Muslims and the Copts [in Imbābah on May 7] in order to keep Egypt's youth from marching...
The Coptic Orthodox Archbishopric has issued a declaration expressing its sorrow for the fitnah sparked between Muslims and Christians in Imbābah. They appealed to the State's apparatuses to protect the peace in the country and apply the law.
AWR's Managing Director Hānī Labīb writes an article about his experience in Maspero when he visited the Copts protest, protesting against Imbābah incidents where two churches were burned by salafists.  
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