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On Sunday July 1st., the summer school group left the dormitories to attend a service in All Saints Cathedral (Anglican-Episcopal) in Zamalek, Cairo. 
For decades now, Egyptian Coptic Christians and Muslims have been citing widely diverging numbers for the percentage of Christians in Egypt. In the absence of reliable, published data, the figures vary wildly, anywhere from 6 to 24 percent of population.
When an opportunity presented itself for a seventeen year old female refugee from South Sudan to flee, she took it.  However, upon arriving to Cairo, she was imprisoned in a residential apartment for three months where she was repeatedly raped. After this horrifying experience, she discovered that...
Background: The main issues in Sudan at the time (and some are still relevant today) were the unity of South Sudan, self-determination, peace and war, religious/political persecution against Christians and South Sudanese and the Sharīʿah Law. A Southern Sudanese and former Member of Parliament...
Fifteen Sudanese men were arrested Monday at Wādi al-Jemāl reserve (Camels Valley) in Marsa `Allam for illegal gold exploration, ONA News Agency reported today.
Overview of the conditions of Sudanese refugees in Egypt. They endure poor living conditions and too often suffer ill treatment at the hands of authorities and local people.
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