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Al- Nusrah Front and the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant continued their warfare despite the calls of Qa’ida leader, Ayman al- Zawāhirī, call upon them to stop fighting.
Ahmad Abū al-Ghaīt thinks that despite its regained strength, Egypt will not enter the war against ISIS into which Turkey has been dragged and he stressed that Egypt is under the attack of foreign media. He also said that ISIS must been confronted with ground troops 
American airplanes have started Tuesday morning to launch airstrikes against ISIS in Syria in an attempt to send a strong message to the group in Syria as per CNN.
Meanwhile, al-Jihād al-Islāmī announced its support for ISIS in fighting the American-led “crusade against Islam”, irrespective of their ideological differences. 
According to a British telegraph, ISIS threatened to assassinate the Catholic Pope during one of his future visits to the Middle East. 
On various jihadist websites, an official statement was published announcing a rapprochement between al-Qā’idah and ISIS, which until recently fought each other in Syria. 
The Foreign Minister stated that it is important to work on stopping the sources of funding of  these terrorist organizations
The war against ISIS has started. 
The assistant to the Chaldean Patriarch Bishop Philip Nigm stated to Watanī that 140 families were forcefully evicted from their homes and women were sold in Iraq. 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sāmih Shukry stated that Egypt is committed to eradicate the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood which produced many terrorist organizations. He stated that it is not logical to mobilize against ISIS and to give up on Egypt in facing the same enemy
Citizens in South of Shaykh Zuwayyid have found a new beheaded corpse of an inhabitant of the area.
Love is stronger than terrorism.
The State Security Prosecution headed by Councilor Tāmir al- Firgāny, has heard the testimony of  Abu Mus’ab who is the head of the ISIS Suez cell
Dr. Shawqī Allam the muftī of Egypt stated that the name of the Islamic state should not be given to these terrorist organizations their actions have nothing to do with Islam
Dr. ‘Ibrahīm Nigm, the advisor to the Grand Muftī, announced that Dār al- Iftā is  launching an international campaign that will urge the international media not to use the term the “Islamic state” and rather to say the “state of Qā’idah offshoots.”
Yesterday, alleged members of the Muslim Brotherhood have protested using flags of ISIS in Friday’s protests.
The International Union for Azhar and Sūfī Youth has announced that it will hold a press conference next week to denounce the inhumane crimes committed by the Israeli army against the citizens of Gaza, as well as those committed by ISIS against Christians in al-Mosul. 
Dr. Muhamad Mukhtār Jum’ah, Minister of Endowments, declared that there is no doubt that that which is circulating on social media websites regarding Zionists’ boasting over the murder of 13 Palestinian children only shows their evident racism and is a blatant sign of their inhumanity.
The Ministry of Endowments released a strong statement yesterday regarding the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist organizations both within and beyond Egypt. 
The Orthodox Coptic Patriarchy in Alexandria announced that is will be holding a prayer service tonight with a specified section dedicated towards praying for the Christians in Syria, Palestine, and Iraq.


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