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Egyptian journalists organized a protest on Thursday in front of their syndicate. Gathered under the slogan "freedom is a genuine right", the journalists demand the release of all journalists detained on the ground of peaceful demonstration and freedom of expression in defense of public liberties....
In the aftermath of the "January 25 Revolution", when the Egyptians overthrew their former president Hosni Mubārak in 2011, new media presenters emerged, highlighting the vacuum experienced by the satellite channels in the country during the Mubārak era. Old media presenters re-appeared, taking the...
In 2015, Egyptian authorities imposed 13 publication bans, in which journalists were prohibited from reporting on certain cases until investigations into these cases had been completed.
The first session of Egypt's Administrative Court of Justice, headed by the State Council's Vice Premier, Yehya Dakrūrī, issued a ruling on Tuesday that canceled the ruling that banned the publication of “Fraudulent Presidential Elections” in 2012, which ended up with a close run in favor of former...
Foreign Policy, The New York Times, Daily News Egypt and al-Bawaba news all report about the ban on reporting on the killings of Mexican tourists in Egypt’s Western desert. There is growing public anger against the absence of transparency and increased media gags.
The article describes Watani’s struggle to obtain a permit from the Supreme Press Council for the Watani Braille publication
Watani Braille which was first published in 2005 applied to the Supreme Press Council for a permit over four years ago. The publication has just found out that it has not been granted a permit.
The author reflects on two recent reports that deal with newspaper writing in Egypt. He comments that many newspapers do not have reporting the facts as their main focus and instead seek to persuade readers of a certain viewpoint or political leaning.
Al-Faris considers the trend of media censorship, and highlights a number of publications that have struggled with the limitations on their freedom of expression.
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